Since 1996 Teknapack has taken on the challenge of developing product protection solutions for niche markets that are ignored by traditional packaging companies. We understand that many of the most important and critical products can’t be packed in a stock box or bag and it’s our ambition to do what others say can’t be done.

By persistently researching existing technologies, sometimes centuries-old technologies, Teknapack has been able to combine old ideas in new ways to create value-added and value-enhancing products that range from packaging for blasting caps to components used in cremation caskets to high-performance physiochemical materials that preserve flat glass that’s used to make everything from solar panels to car windshields to exceptional architectural glass.

For over a quarter of a century, Teknapack has evolved to become primarily focused on offering materials to preserve glass industry products. (OK, it’s high-tech glass packaging material). This includes fabricated fiberboard materials including Eco-Compatible™ KorLite™ and Homasote which are used to prevent glass breakage during storage and transport and interleaving powders that preserve surface quality and surface integrity for a wide range of flat glass materials.

Following the spirit of innovation that led to the incorporation of Teknapack, new product development continues to drive the business forward.

Sustainability today has a very different meaning than it had in 1996 when Teknapack was incorporated. We intend to continue to be ahead of the innovation curve.

Teknapack is developing a new type of packaging and construction fiberboard material that utilizes cardboard box waste that is currently too dirty to be recycled. (Yup, a lot of e-commerce packaging ends up in a landfill). Eco-Compatible™ KorLite™ II is scheduled to begin pilot-scale production in Q4 2023.

For more than a quarter of a century, Teknapack has strived to provide eco-compatible materials to meet the demands of niche markets that the big guys can’t be bothered with. Our focus on exceeding customer expectations has never changed even as customer expectations have continued to evolve.

At Teknapack the one thing that has never changed is our understanding of the lifetime value of a customer.