Float Tempered Glass

Packed Float or Tempered glass requires some form of mechanical separation to prevent glass-on-glass contact. When lights are packed using interleaving powder abrasion is prevented but the glass surface is also exposed to the surrounding environment.

Contaminates including water can infiltrate the space between the lights and cause corrosion. To combat glass corrosion also referred to as staining or etching, a chemical corrosion inhibitor is sometimes required.

Teknapack interleaving powders for float and tempered glass are manufactured to exacting standards to meet or exceed customer specifications. Powder formulations can be composed of anywhere from 100% separation media made from PMMA or UHMWPE to blends of these materials along with up to 75% adipic acid or boric acid. Not every customer requirement is the same and in keeping with Teknapack tradition, if a new formulation is needed, we’ll work with our customer to create the ideal option.

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