Edge Protection

Heavy-Duty Packaging Solutions for Flat Glass  

Glass is high in value, heavy, and can be damaged easily during transport and storage.

Teknapack materials are designed to prevent damage and protect your profit margin.

KorLite™ for Flat Glass Edge Protection.

KorLite™ provides a perfect balance of cushioning and durability. With a smooth primed and ironed surface, it’s easy to pack on and stays clean even in the toughest applications.

PolyLam for IGU Edge Protection.

There’s nothing worse, and perhaps more dangerous than an IGU getting stuck to an edge protector. PolyLam provides a no-stick surface that releases silicone sealant every time.

Custom Edge Protection Options.

Sometimes off-the-shelf products just don’t give you an edge. Teknapack excels at product customization to meet a wide variety of demanding applications and we won’t make you buy a truckload.

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