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1996 Teknapack founded at 375 Apollo Drive Lino Lakes, Minnesota One customerTwo employees 1,800 square feet of manufacturing space

1998 Relocation to 471 Apollo Drive Lino Lakes, Minnesota Customers in industries ranging from appliances to glass manufacturers 5 Employees8,000 square fee  

2000 Teknapack receives grant from Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance Research into development of value added products from waste cellulose fiber begins  

2002 Teknapack discovers a market niche and creates spin off company, SaberPack which makes interleaving powder for the glass industry   

2004 First export of products. Interleaving powder is shipped from Lino Lakes to Brazil and India 8 Employees12,000 square feet  

2009 Using techniques researched in 2000, Teknapack begins producing Coated and Ironed wood fiber board for glass packaging SaberPad is born  

2012 Export of products now reach 8 countries including Thailand, Brazil, India, Egypt and Germany 13 Employees  

2014 SaberPack and its’ interleaving powders business is sold to Chemetall Teknapack continues as the contract manufacturer of interleaving powders for Chemetall 14 Employees18,000 square feet

2015 After a 14 year pause, Teknapack resumes development of value added packaging made from waste cellulose fiber  

2016 Teknapack enters the Clean Tech Open Midwest competition and wins the “Best Business Model” category  

2017 Teknapack is recognized at the Clean Tech Open National competition as having the “Best Cradle to Grave Business Model” Development of products made from waste cellulose fiber continues Sales of SaberPad and TeknaPoly edge protection products for the flat glass industry continue to grow

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